Why didn't the Mainsream Media Save New Orleans?

You know with the constant breast-beating that the MSM has been performing since Katrina blew ashore last week, a question came to mind.

"Why didn't the MSM save New Orleans?"

After all, according the MSM the Government was asleep at wheel. They failed to stop mother nature in her tracks, and save the city of New Orleans from disaster? So why didn't the MSM "with reporters at strategic points throughout New Orleans" and because "They are looking out for you!", just wrest the responsibility from the Government and take matters into their own hands.

The MSM knew the Storm was Fierce, and Fooding was inevitable and the Levee was crap and couldn't hold. Well damn it all to hell, why didn't they pull an hour or Special on TV before the storm called, "You're Screwed, You're Government is going to get you Killed!"

MSM members like Tim Russert, have it all figured out you see:

" "Something terrible happened here. The fact is state, local and federal government did not protect its people. It's why governments were created. . . ."

Really?...Mr. Washington, Mr. Franklin, you hear that?

Then there is Matthew Cooper (you know, Mandy's husband and Hillary's friend), "It was better than his first on Friday. He didn't offer any untenable defenses of the federal response and he didn't say anything too off key like he did last time when he vowed to rebuild Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott's home and fondly recalled his partying days in New Orleans. . . ."

Well, now we have to give defense to the MSM that they find "tenable". Swell!

Dan Blatz of the Washinton Post, ""The first week of September 2005 likely will be remembered as one of the most troubled weeks of George W. Bush's presidency, a time in which natural disaster combined with bureaucratic bungling in ways that threatened to inundate an administration already on the defensive."

On the defensive from you guys - not from anyone or anything else. You haven't left him alone since he won (oh that's right, "stole" the election in 2000).

These quotes come from the "expert" on Governments and how they should behave, Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post, in yet another of his blog scribbles on "how things out to be".

With all this vast knowledge resident within the MSM, you have to wonder since it was a no brainer about what should have been done, why didn't for instance, MSNBC drop a couple of hundred cases of water over to the Superdome along with their "embeded" reporters?

In the hours after the storm while the MSM was screaming about 'passable roads', why in the hell didn't they get one of their "mega sponsers" like Walmart to "empty the store" and get some twinkies over where they were needed?

Sigh...missed opportunities..

I guess we'll never know.

Come to think about it, let's do what they are all just creaming for. Lets just fire the entire Homeland Security Team, disband FEMA and bring in the 'Fox All Stars' to "get this recovery on the road". Bill Oreilly with a bullhorn, "Screw France! I want every henhouse, outhouse, hookerhouse checked!"

In the meantime we can get a panel together with Brian Williams and Rapper Kayne along with Rita Cosby to get to the bottom of "what happened".

Yessir! The MSM has the answers, let's put 'em in charge!

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