Witness the Meltdown of 'Little Russ'

Tim Russert - Meet the Press

One of the most dispicable displays of Journalism today took place on NBC's Meet the Press as Tim Russert, foaming at the mouth, with pretend indignation of the entire MSM towards DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff.

For the MSM media to be so uninformed, so blatantly biased in their reporting is inexcusible, in itself. For Russert to be so ill-informed and frankly ignorance of the facts is nearly laughable.

Tim's first question to Mr. Cherkoff, "Mr. Secretary, are you or anyone who reports to you contemplating resignation?"


You know somthing Tim, you should resign.

In fact,after this is all said and done you and the rest of the MSM should be rounded up, tried and jalled.

The misinformation you have all put out during this tragedy is not only comical, It's added chaos - it definitely hasn't helped.

You see, the truth is that Tim, like the rest of the MSM has a problem. How to hide the total screwup, not of the Federal Government, but of the Democratically run State and local government.

Witness: Democratic Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco - Failure to THIS date to offically call a National Emergency - Amazing!

(By the way Tim, calling out the National Guard is the Governor's responsibility - not the Federal Government - Blanco still hasn't issued the order!)

Witness: Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin, delaying a mandatory evacuation fearing 'concerns about the city's liability for closing hotels and other businesses', until it was all but too late, and then failing to implement the city disaster plan to transport people out of the city, using the available resources.

Tim - there's your buses, Mayor "Marvelous" didn't budge them. You want someone to resign, start there.

This is really not the time to blame as Chertoff told Tim. But to help the people of New Orleans, and that is taking place. There will be time later for finding out what happened. Right now we have people to save and a city to rebuild.

Yet if Tim Russert and the MSM think that they are going to get away with letting the true culprits of ineptness get away with their lack of action, I've got news for them.

Witness the blogs.

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