Washington Post - Whatever it Takes

"It's hard to say what's worse: The incompetence of the administration's initial hurricane response or the cowardice of its follow-up. Faced with a small hit to his ratings, the president who once boasted of ignoring polls is rushing to spend billions of other people's dollars on saving his political skin. His philosophy is, "It's going to cost whatever it costs." That phrase should be the title of some future history of the Bush era."


It's hard to know where to start, or what to say - the left is unhinged. First Bush didn't do enough. The he's doing TOO much, and then he wasn't doing it right, and finally, well, "We just don't like him - you see!!"

I'll leave alone the fact of an ill prepared State Governor and her cronie Mayor (who incidently wants people back in New Orleans so bad he's willing to have them contract plague) for now.

"The complacency begins with the appalling state of federal staffing. It's not just that the hapless former boss of the Federal Emergency Management Agency knew more about horses than floods. It's that the government agencies that must now manage relief are missing senior officials, either because their confirmations have been held up in the Senate or because the administration has yet to appoint anyone. As The Post reported last week, seven of the top positions at the Department of Housing and Urban Development stand vacant. Perhaps it's no surprise that the administration has cooked up its crazy shantytown proposal.

This staffing crisis is well known; two months before the 2001 attacks, about half of the national security positions stood empty. But Katrina creates an opportunity to tackle the problem. The federal government needs to be returned to an earlier era, when more executive-branch positions went to career civil servants who didn't need to be confirmed and didn't owe their jobs to college roommates. Bush hasn't even raised this issue."

Well "holding up confirmations"...."hmmm, let's see, who is known for that?"....."No, don't stop's D.....E......M....."

"Katrina also exposed the corruption in the way government dispenses money. The levees around New Orleans were inadequate not because the nation spends too little on water infrastructure; far from it. They were inadequate because water funds are allocated by cronyism rather than by cost-benefit analysis. On any honest crunching of the numbers, fortifying New Orleans looked like an excellent investment. But undeserving projects hogged all the money because they had more powerful sponsors in Congress. Bush hasn't breathed a word about this scandal."

I guess Mr. Mallaby doesn't subscribed to the LA Times. Seems the corruptions were rampant - the money the Government gave Louisiana - MORE than enough to shore up levees, yet instead was spent in more unfortunate ways.

The most disingenuous part of most of what you you reading from the left - such as this crap, is that the "Big Government Spending" Bush is proposing would be hunky-dory if the El Savior's signatures were on the checks.

Oh that Democratic charm! So cute, reminds me of China and fundraising - AH now THOSE were the days, eh Al?

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