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Doing the math on the aftermath of Vietnam

As I expected and talked about last night on The MacRanger Show, the MSM is up in arms that President Bush would dare to use their oft comparison of Iraq to Vietnam against them. Proving the adage, they can dish it out but won't take it, is the NY Times in this article today, using quotes from leftist historians who see Vietnam only through their Grateful Dead glasses.

"The American withdrawal from Vietnam is widely remembered as an ignominious end to a misguided war — but one with few negative repercussions for the United States and its allies.

Now, in urging Americans to stay the course in Iraq, President Bush is challenging that historical memory.

In reminding Americans that the pullout in 1975 was followed by years of bloody upheaval in Southeast Asia, Mr. Bush argued in a speech on Wednesday that Vietnam’s lessons provide a reason for persevering in Iraq, rather than for leaving any time soon. Mr. Bush in essence accused his war critics of amnesia over the exodus of Viet…

Temporary Blog

Thanks for stopping by. If you are here it's because we have a problem at the regular macsmind page (host sucks). Until we get the problem solved I'll be blogging from here.


Jane Pelosi


Night of Tornado Terror

My sister sent this picture that shows the tornado that came through the Villages Retirement Community in central Florida last week. She lives in the ajacent Lady Lakes and survived, but 20 persons did not.

Again people still need your help as over 500 homes were destroyed or damaged. Contact the Central Florida Red Cross to help. Give deep!

Temporary Home

After pulling my hair out over the incompetance of website host, I've temporarily moved back to blogger. Thanks to all who have written to tell me of problems accessing the old site. I will be looking for another host for wordpress (suggestions welcome). In the meantime I'll be directing traffic back to here.

Do not adjust your bookmarks

First, the webhost sucks, avoid them for any web hosting of blogging software, they couldn't keep a SQL database if they're life depended on it.

Secondly, you can read the main blog here, otherwise until I find a new hosting company I will be again blogging here on blogger.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't overcome the incompetence of others.

They will be known by their fruits

So said Jesus of false teachers, but it is also true of politicians. Time and time again we see Democrats, the party of “Love and Compassion” and yet “Progression and Understanding and Tolerance” repeatedly use racism, sarcasm, and lying to get their cheap shots across.

Barbara Boxer is no exception. A woman of little class and grace with issues from youth coming after Condi Rice in a hearing about the troop surge, attacking her no less, for being a childless woman.

“Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, an appalling scold from California, wasted no time yesterday in dragging the debate over Iraq about as low as it can go - attacking Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for being a childless woman.

Boxer was wholly in character for her party - New York’s own two Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton, were predictably opportunistic - but the Golden State lawmaker earned special attention for the tasteless jibes she aimed at Rice.

Rice appeared before the Senate in defense o…

Yet another hack

Looks like the punk that hacked us yesterday, got us again. Fact is that he actually deleted posts all the way back to December as well as most of the comments.

But for all that we got his IP signature and his IP and they are tracing his activity, in fact we have it down to his neighborhood.

In any case if you are visiting from the New York Times article reference the Boxer/Rice post I apologize, such is the life in Conservative blogging when liberals who can't argue on the merits resort to criminal activity.

So for now I will blog from Blogger until we get things back up on the regular site. I'll have the Barbara Box/Rice post up shortly.