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Macsmind UPDATE

We've got everything moved to new digs and the DNS change should be taking place over the next two days. Here in a nutshell is what happened.

First, Hostgator Sucks. Probably the worst customer service experience I've ever had with a host and owning several sites with different hosting companies that is saying a lot.

On Saturday we were informed that was receiving a HUGH amount of traffic on the server it shared with others and in the *wisdom* of their tech people they just decided to remove our site from their DNS.

No warning, just did it. Macsmind when from 500,000 monthly to squat.

Hostgator couldn't advise where the HUGH traffic was coming from but from a glance a the logs over the weekend we could see the specific IP addresses responsible and I am working with the FBI to identify the people responsible.

But this is where it got interesting. Three of the IP addresses: , come back to

Why this is interesting is because in February I placed the youtube version of the video "Obama Wants to Disarm America" and over the last three months it received 1000s of views.

It's just interesting, but we won't know until we get through the trace routes and that's going to take some time.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


retire05 said…
Mac, something nefarious is happening. No, really.

One particular event comes to mind. It seems that within one day, at least six anti-Obama web sites were shut down, with no warning, but Google's web service. When Google finally got around to notifying the site owners, they said that it was due to the sites being considered "spam" sites. Over at AtlasShruged, the techguy that was trying to research Obama's COLB posted on DailyKos found someone had tracked him, threatened him and he found a dead rabbit tied to his front door. Other sites, not complimentary to Obama, have been hacked.

So while Obama has a disclaimer on his own site that he is not responsible for what is posted there, web pages "Friends of Obama" features anti-Israel pages, New Black Panter pages, etc.

There seems to be an attempt to silence anyone and any blog that has the temerity to look into Obama and his past or is less than flattering in their reporting on Obama.

The Google "shut down" never made the press. I would have not known about it except for the blogs themselves. But if this is going on, an attempt to silence anyone who presents Obama in less than a positive light, it needs to be told to the American public.
Paleo Pat said…
good luck with it jack... I left Blogger, and got hosting, left that host and am with another.

anyhow, Glad to see you know who's behind it.


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