Yeah, but it doesn't have to mean he'll step down immediately (using the William Jefferson Rule of Ethics).

"WASHINGTON — Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens allegedly made false statements to cover up gifts given to him by an oil contractor seeking his help on Capitol Hill, according to a seven-count federal indictment charging Stevens obtained Tuesday.

Stevens, 84, is the longest-serving Republican in the Senate and has been under investigation for more than a year, with a heavy focus on work done to his Girdwood, Alaska, ski-community home.

The Justice Department announced a 1:20 p.m. ET press conference, although the conference had not begun by 1:40 p.m.

Watch the news conference streaming live on

The indictment alleges that Stevens made false representations in his Senate financial disclosure forms and to federal investigators in an effort to cover up his receiving significant construction services.

Those services came from Bill Allen and the company he founded, VECO Corp, an influential Alaska oil services firm that has been the focus of federal investigators in an ongoing public corruption probe spanning the last two years.

In 2000, Allen oversaw construction on Stevens' house, although Stevens has claimed he paid for all the construction.

In the indictment, officials said VECO built Stevens, among other things, a new first floor to the house, a new garage, a new first- and second-floor wraparound deck, and new plumbing and wiring. VECO also provided him with expensive new vehicles in exchange for his used cars, furniture, household goods, a new tool chest stocked with tools, a brand new gas grill, and other items.

Investigators estimate the value of the material provided to Stevens to be $250,000."

Oh well, away with him. He's up for election this year - should have retired - and this might just mean a seat for Democrats. "Might" is the operative word unless Governor Sarah Palin decides a late run for the seat.


  1. Ted  

    7/29/2008 02:40:00 PM

    Gov Palin's already running for something, that is, as McCain's Veep.


    1. Which McCain Veep pick is SIMULTANEOUSLY the safest AND boldest?

    ANSWER: Sarah Palin

    2. How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

    ANSWER: Sarah Palin

    * * *

    And there's this from the Conservative Voice:

    “Desperately seeking Sarah
    July 26, 2008 10:00 AM EST

    By Stephan Andrew Brodhead

    Desperately seeking Sarah
    Americans need a little Palin Power

    Sarah Palin the current Governor of Alaska is John McCain’s ultimate choice for VP. I do believe a woman is next in line for the presidency. All Conservatives like her. She is popular in Alaska. Hillary supporters would relish her. She would solidify a 12 or possibly 16 year Republican executive.

    John McCain’s boring campaign is wearing thin. I need a little Palin Power to get me interested again. They would say ‘but she is only a half term Governor!’ And your point is?"

  2. Englasse  

    9/04/2008 06:51:00 AM

    don't kid yourself. they're all rotten to the core. neither of the sexes running for office is trustworthy, all CHOSEN by the elitist bottom feeders. all related by blood. wait and see. watch palin pull a 'pelosi'....

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