Ben Cohen's an Idiot and Other Anomalies - Glenn Beck isn't going anywhere

As I covered before, Lefties - who hate capitalism - and show it by ignorance are continuing to think that Glenn Beck's prominance on Fox is dictated by ad revenue. Take know nothing Ben Cohen:
"Rupert Murdoch is a smart man. In the U.K, Murdoch aligns his newspapers with the popular political party and helps them enact their policies by giving them favorable coverage. For the past 12 years, he supported the Labour Party. Now they are out of favor, Murdoch switched seamlessly to the Conservatives. Desperate to gain a grip on the Chinese media market, Murdoch saddled up to the Communist Party. In short, Murdoch doesn't care about Left or Right. He cares about money. In the United States, his news channel is doing just about everything it can to irritate the current President, and it is beginning to affect his business. When news show host Glenn Beck explicitly called Barack Obama a racist, it caused a media hailstorm and an advertising exodus from his show that reached as far as the U.K (Beck's show is broadcast on Murdoch's 'Sky News' channel). On a recent political talk show tour, President Obama sat down with five networks, none of which were Fox. The Murdoch-owned network was humiliatingly replaced with the Spanish language channel Univison. In another spat, the White House press secretary publicly criticized the network for not airing Obama's health care speech, a move it would never have considered with any other network."
Again, Cohen hasn't a clue of what he's talking about, but don't let that stop the idiocy. As I wrote before, Glenn Beck's program isn't funded by ads, it's ad-free programming because of it's overall viewership pull.
"Which is simply not so. Speaking with two Fox News Producers familiar, Beck's show is "sponsor proof" in that the revenue to run it - and pay Beck - comes from sources outside of ads. It's a well known flak-jacket against these types of "boycotts" where you take from Peter to Pay Paul. James Rucker tries to throw up some bogus data to prove COC's boycott is working, but he's talking nonsense. Quite frankly the ad sponsors COC (nice nomen) speaks about are far more savvy than than that. Of course they want viewers because viewers equal $$$$. So let's say that American Express says "Ok, we won't show ads during his show". No problem. You just jack their ad price across other shows where they do show ads. In fact Beck's ratings have so enhanced Fox's overall viewership that their rate cards have nearly doubled for all other shows. Which is why shows, like Beck's, which pull most viewers Cable News Shows especially are pretty much immune to boycotts because much of their cost is absorbed by CATV revenues outside of ad revenue. Thus the Glenn Beck show could very well run commercial free and it wouldn't harm the show, the ratings or Fox's bottom line. "
Beck's going nowhere.