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New AT&T?, Not Quite

I had an AT&aT account many years ago and could go on about nefarious billing problems, service outages and the like, but while related that is not the subject of this post.

 Welcome to the NEW AT&T, same as the old AT&T!

 Over the last weekend I decided to cancel my phone services with them because frankly it doesn't make sense to have a land line when I do all my calling via cell. However I do obtain my internet access via AT&T and decided to keep that service.

 However during the call to one of the NEW AT&T reps he noticed that I had been paying for their DSL Extreme 6.0 service all while getting only a 3.0 service. This had been the case for about 3 years since I upgraded to the service. The cost difference between the two per month is five dollars. However when you multiply that by 36 you get a nice refund right? Nope. According to the AT&T rep I could only get a refund of the last six months. "

So what of the last 30 before that?" According to the rep those overcharges had to be disputed within 60 days of each bill they appeared. "How would I have known that?" I asked. The rep couldn't answer that question. "So" I continued,

 "What you are telling me is that you took my money without delivering a service and now will not refund it?" "It's not that way sir...." the rep stammered. "Well what way is it?" I asked? "How can you take money for a service you never delivered"?

 Again silence.

 After informing the young man that I would take this up with the local Public Service Commission, BBB, FTC, etc, I hung up.

 But you have to ask, "Is the new AT&T?" To me it seems just like the old.

Had a rip off experience with AT&T?  Let me know.

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retire05 said…
Mac, here is my suggestion (after 33 years with AT & T)

Call back and ask for a First Line supervisor. You will be given to a dept. supervisor but ask if they are a First Line. If they say "no" demand a First Line.

Tell the First Line your problem and ask that you be give a full credit for services not received that you were charged for. If you still don't get satisfaction, ask for a Second Line.

Get names all along the way and write them down along with their position. Inform management that you will file a FCC complain to being charged for services not rendered. It is illegal for them to not give you full credit due. The rep was b/sing you saying there is a six month window.

You have my email so if you have any other questions, let me know. Also, let me know how it works out.
Jack Moss said…
Thanks Ret,

I will do that, but today I switched to comcast internet. It's faster, and Dad always said that the quickest way to voice dissatisfaction was to walk with the checkbook.

I've been an on-time loyal customer for 20+ years but no more. I hope it was worth it for the $300 they ripped from me.

I'll try the other methods as well to recoup what I can.
retire05 said…
Mac, it doesn't matter that you have now switched services. And the money AT & T owes you is a matter of principal (at least it would be with me).

But you might be pleasantly surprised what AT & T is willing to do when you take your complaints to management.

Just a thought.
Thanks for the nice blog. This is very useful and interesting.I read this and my self very appreciate with this blog. It is illegal for them to not give you full credit due. The rep was b/sing you saying there is a six month window.


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