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Every Crime Scene Has a Smoking Gun

With all the coverage Katrina has wrought this week, one story has been completely ignored by the MSM - but covered immensely by bloggers.

Yet this story holds the key to the source of the outrage over the Governmental response to Katrina.

The question:

"Why did those people have to suffer at the Superdome?"

The NY Times tells us a story of disorganization, incompetence and outright criminal negligence that boggles the mind. In fact, had this been a third world country, Nagin and Blanco would have been taken out and shot.

Yet as most articles and news reports over the last two weeks have tried to tell us that the problems begin at the Federal Level (Parent), and it's just a simple case of the "Children" at the local and state level just being 'overwhelmed'.

Poor, misunderstood and incompetent children.

Had the Mayor of New Orleans used these buses
to get people out there would have been a lot less at the Superdome. Had the mayor secured the Superdome (something easily done - where else would police be during the storm?"), AND had used his emergency powers to confiscate the materials in the local Walmart to provide food and water to those inside.

Not to mention the fact that had the Governor allowed the Red Cross in after the storm to provide additional food and water and medical care, there wouldn't be the "outrage" we have seen this week.

The fact is that everything that could have went wrong, went wrong where it couldn't possibly go wrong - at the State and Local level, There is no escaping that.

There is no escaping the Smoking Gun.

The "Smoking Gun" is the buses. Those 500 plus buses that could have ferried more than 20,000 people out of the city. Out of harms way.

"But to where?" the Mayor would ask?

Indeed in this article and others he is given a pass because people ask the same question, "Where would he have taken them?"

My answer is, "Anywhere dunder-head!" Anywhere was better than where they ended up! Anywhere AWAY from the storm, away from the Super-Trap YOU put them in. You don't have to be a Comcast Genius to figure that out!

Besides the fact that it was IN THE PLAN, Mayor Nagin, the Plan!

Cripes! Why is this so hard for people to understand?

Don't answer that..., I know: If it can't be blamed on Bush, it doesn't lead.....

Sad - a freaking sad commentary on the media.

To that end I hope that bloggers everywhere keep publishing these pictures. Keep publishing them until they are everywhere, on every blog, every search on the internet.

Yes, these pictures should be on the cover of Time Magazine, the front page of MSNBC, and FOX and every other mainstream media outlet - with the headline:

"Why didn't Nagin and Blanco Use the Buses?" Why did you let them die?"

You won't see these kind of questions, not from the press.

No, instead CNN would rather just show the victims - dead and rotting. It tells you where their priorities are.

UPDATE: Article from the Palm Beach Post (btw, Heavily Democratic paper), showing Gulf States how things ought to be done. As I've been saying, we in Florida have it down to almost a fine science. It isn't hard to do - just plan and implement!

More at Captains Quarters, Tom Mcguire

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