Governor Blanco's Well Thought Out... Excuses

Governor Defends Louisiana's 'Exit Plan'

Governor Pinocchio defends her 'plan'...

"Louisiana had a "well thought-out exit plan" in the days before Hurricane Katrina, and many more lives would have been lost without it, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Sunday.

"There was not a single individual taking a slow step in our state," Blanco said at the Reliant Center, where more than 2,000 evacuees are living after fleeing the devastation in New Orleans.

City, state and federal governments have been criticized for delays in evacuations and delivery of supplies, widespread communication difficulties, and law enforcement breakdowns in New Orleans that led to looting and violence.

Blanco insisted the state had an evacuation-and-rescue effort that prevented thousands more deaths.

"Were there lessons learned? You bet," she said in a tense 14-minute explanation after being asked to elaborate on Louisiana's storm plans.

"We did a massive evacuation, and if we hadn't we would have had thousands of deaths. Right now, the numbers are minimal when you consider the amount of damage."

As she has before, Blanco, a Democrat, refused to blame President Bush, a Republican.

"Help in those critical moments was slow in coming, not through any fault of the president," she said.

Blanco is scheduled to meet with Bush on Monday on the USS Iwo Jima off New Orleans. They were then expected to take a walking tour of the historic French Quarter.

Now that Blanco has had two weeks to get her 'story' straight, she says she had a plan.

Yeah....Ok ......Like this?

Governor? Help was there! The Red Cross was there! With FOOD, WATER, MEDICAL aid - YOU wouldn't let them in! Incidently, FEMA was there too! They wondered "Where is the security?"

So Governor Blanco, where was the Guard? Where was the order? That was and is YOUR job!

Oh, excuse me, I see, had a plan.

Can't wait to hear more about it as it develops!

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