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The "Payback' Continues

Newsweek: Beyond Good and Evil

You know, I finally fiqured out why there is this seeming endless public flogging of President Bush going on in the MSM

This in spite of the fact that the severity of the aftermath of Katrina had very little to do with the Federal response (that was actually there in the Dome), and more to do with an incompetent Mayor and Governor.

But moreover, what we are actually seeing. article by article, commentary by commentary, is the "spanking" of the President by a MSM that despite everything they could throw at Bush to make him lose in 2004 - the guy won anyway. So the "punishment" continues -and it's getting more personal.

Witness this from the writer that suggested terrorism is a disease, George Dickey:

"If President Bush looks lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (and the rest of us feel that way), it’s because he has no one to blame for this catastrophe. The apocalypse was brought on not by the forces of evil, but of nature, aided and abetted by the incompetence of Bush’s own administration. As a bitter reader from Fairview, N.J. wrote to us this week: “If we are to believe that President Bush and the Christian Right have been talking directly to God these past six years, then it follows that this is God's answer to their agenda.”

That’s a cheap shot, to be sure, but it’s also a natural question given the righteous pose of a presidency that’s suspicious of science and utterly intolerant of dissent. The fact is, we may draw on our faith for moral and spiritual strength, but there should never be a place in American policymaking for those who claim they’ve got a direct line to God. Such lunatic certainties are the preserve of the enemy—the Osama bin Ladens, the Eric Rudolphs, the Baruch Goldsteins—who want to replace our freethinking societies with ones ordered by their own narrow-minded righteousness."

Ok, cheap shot?

"Rightous pose"? "Suspicion of Science"? Do I detect a bit of animosity about the Intelligence Design comment the President made a month or so ago?

And when did the President claim he had a "Direct line to God"? The "Christa-phobia" of the left is amazing isn't it?

I could let this slide, but then Mr. Dickey compares the President of the United States and in general others of faith to people like Osama Bin Laden and Eric Rudolf.

When devoid of facts, which this tripe is, they resort to slander.

Does anyone really wonder why the left just can't win an election?

I would have bailed out at this point, except for this little tidbit where Mr. Dickey quotes a reader:

"As a bitter reader from Fairview, N.J. wrote to us this week: “If we are to believe that President Bush and the Christian Right have been talking directly to God these past six years, then it follows that this is God's answer to their agenda."

Oh, God's a Democrat? I see ....

Perhaps, then again, it could be argued that God is a Racist Republican that sent judgement, in as far as New Orleans, on a modern day 'Sodom".

I of course do not know if it's one or the other, but you can see how dumb comparisons can be made Mr. Dickey? Do you? Naw, I didn't think so.

If Mr. Dickey wanted to make a point, it's totally missed in his overt "hostility" to religion, specifically evangelical Christianity - which make no mistake is the ONLY reason for this "sucker punch" of a commentary.

Funny that writers of the left never disparge any other religion Christianty and Judiasm.

Again, what do you expect from someone who repeats his mantra of "Terroism is a social disease".


Try this Mr. Dickey, repeat after me, "Terrorist do what they do because they are evil".

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