Big Bad Wolfowitz

Wolfowitz meets Mandela, plays with Soweto children

The supposed "monster" of the left, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz in Africa:

Excerpt: "He (Wolfowitz) former U.S. deputy defence secretary, who was one of the architects of the Iraq war and says Africa will be his priority in his new role, was surrounded by 20 orphans and abused children at a hostel in the Soweto townships.

"He is a loving and kind man. Not a lot of people come to this centre and think about us. He cares," 15-year-old Mahlodi Mashiawe, an abused child now living in the Salvation Army's Carl Sithole Childrens' Centre, told Reuters.

The centre also cares for orphans and children suffering from HIV/AIDS, which infects more than 25 million people in Africa including up to 40 percent of adults in South Africa's neighbours Botswana and Swaziland.

Wolfowitz went on to play football with the children and allowed them to clamber all over him, before moving on to meet anti-apartheid icon Mandela to discuss Africa's future and the role the World Bank could play in boosting its economies."

While the Democrats rile about "Downing Memos"; stall judicial nominations; and generally bitch and complain anything "Bush" - the Bush Administration is out there DOING something with ideas and plans to better the world. The Democrats wonder why they haven't had power Washington and are in such decline.

What ideas have been submitted by the Democratic leadership in the last six months? What legislation? What? Anything?