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The enemy within

In 1977, I was a radio operator assigned to a Mechanized Infantry unit stationed at Camp Casey Korea. Just a little set up, in January in Korea it is as cold and frozen as any place on earth.

Myself, my NCOIC Sgt Barkley, and a South Korean Solider Sgt. Kim, were out on manuvers when the vehicle we were assigned to - a 577 Armored Track vehicle broke it's torsion bar which left us stranded on a mountain top in -20 degree weather.

The torsion bar is what keeps the track pads moving smoothly and without it you go no where. After about two hours the mechanics drove by with the replacement part and a tool box - "Sorry boys, it's 'operator replaceable'" and drove off.

Neither of us actually knew how to replace the broken part, but we buckled down as night fell. In those days a vehicle heater wasn't part of the standard issue and we worked through the night in sub-zero temperatures to get back on the road. We didn't like it - but it was our job to return to readiness. We didn't do because of any other reason other than the fact that within the true American soul there is the need to serve freedom - because it isn't free. We didn't have to listen to the politicans or the opinions of pundits - we did what we did because of the uniform we wore and because of what that uniform represented.

Over the course of a thirteen year career I found myself in water, mud, rain, hurricanes, walking the line of a enemy DMZ in Korea, as well as helping residents find shelter during an ice storm in 1979 in North Caroline (all while remaining in the elements). Yeah, there were times when complained a little - sure - that's only human. But through it all I, and those I served with had a sense of duty, honor and country. Whenever I see the young military people of today so brave, so dedicated to the cause of freedom, it pisses me off royally to see them insulted by the left, the MSM and especially Senator Dick Durbin insults.

But the goals of protecting freedom aren't determined by cowards and pacifists, but by those who marched on even when the crowds lost their will to fight - if those ever had a will at all.


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