Far from torture

On serious note, Gitmo tactics far from torture

Excellent article from John Kass, Chicago Tribune, on "perspective" which is sadly missing from the Gitmo debate. An excerpt that should be shouted from the rooftops:

"And you know what? We have learned from history. The reason buildings at Guantanamo are full is because there are two big holes in the ground in New York."

When are Americans going to again unite in a common cause such as that after 9/11? Has the smell of jet fuel, smoke and death left our memories in a wave of petty party politics?

In the three years since that day no attack has occurred on American soil. Compare that to other nations, especially those who thought radical Islam, or even their own domestic terrorism presents no threat so long as they appease the attackers. Ask Russia about the children . Ask Spain about the train . While the US isn't faultless, we are efficient in doing whatever it takes to make sure we never weep again. We are at war and in war you play to win - there is no other option.

Never forget what happened on September 11th, 2001, lest it happen again.