"The Ground Truth" - New Documentary on the War in Iraq - Consider the Source

A new documentary film is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2005. It's called, "The Ground Truth". According to it's information on Ground Truth's website :

"The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War is our soldier'’s perspective of the Iraq War, and how they are being treated upon returning home. It goes beyond the war stories to look underneath our American tradition of going to war and then abandoning the warrior. We see the dreams and realities that often set up soldiers and their families for a lifetime of heartbreak. Yet, billions of tax dollars are spent recruiting, training, and paying soldiers to fight our wars, only to ignore and dismiss these same people, now well trained to serve their country, and to kill. How do we "Support Our Troops" when the killing stops? What is behind our silent indifference to these new warriors, and the 272,000 homeless veterans we walk by every day? This film asks Congress and the American people to bare witness to these soldiers and their families, and to consider the human cost of war, above all else. "

Sounds good, until you dig further:

Some of the quotes on the site from troops:

"This war has destroyed me. I come home at night and breakdown. I see pictures of Iraqi children with their limbs gone and wonder, 'Did I have anything to do with this? Was my unit a part of this?"
Lt. Michael Hoffman

"Just to brush my teeth is a task. My post traumatic stress from two wars, coupled with my panic attacks and depression...feeling betrayed by the military just made it worse."
Sgt. Phillip Goodrum

"You hear in the news, '‘Seven Wounded'’. You never hear their names or what unit they are in. I was in Mosul when our Humvee was hit. Unfortunately, it had no doors. I'm 24…I lost my left leg.”
Sgt. Melissa Stockwell

Ok, now my ears are pricking up!

So who is producing this 'documentary'? The name of the producer is Patricia Foulkrod. Now, I knew I heard that name before, so I did a search of my massive bookmarks and found this item from The Weekly Standard reference to a campaign to derail the Schwarzenegger bid for Governor of California in 2003.

A quote from the article reference to Patricia:

"At a Friday "Arnold Is a Rapist" press conference in Los Angeles, Codepink for World Peace activist Patricia Foulkrod suggested that Arnold's worst transgression isn't that he's a groper--it's his party affiliation. "The difference is that Clinton was so brilliant," said Foulkrod. "If Arnold was a brilliant pol and had this thing about inappropriate behavior, we'd figure a way of getting around it. I think it's to our detriment to go on too much about the groping. But it's our way in. This is really about the GOP trying to take California in 2004 and our trying to stop it."

So for the "Hey? Has anyone seen that 'fat cow of a moonbat' Pat, I wonder what she's been up to lately?" crowd, here's your answer!

So when the film comes out - you got an idea of the "ideology" behind it. As Michael Moore taught us - any hack can make a documentary.

As an Army Veteran, I know first hand of the cost of war and how the terrible the consequences. I also know that if you question troops on any given day most will be upbeat and motivated, others will bitch and complain, and some will be disillusioned. They're human beings. I'm also for getting them all the help they need on their return home to get counseling and adjustment help.

My problem is that Patricia used our soldiers pain to get her leftist/America-bashing point accross which is dispicable. Just as Michael Moore used the people of Columbine to get his fat ass famous. People of this caliber are not "directors", I don't consider them in the same category as a worm. To me they are bottom-sucking scum and deserve everything that comes to them - in spades.

More on Pat's past activities: here. Note the blantant anti-semitism and anti-Bush tone, and especially PRO-Palestinian pics.