Hold that "Copy"!

If they were fakes, they'd say more

John Hinderaker of Powerlineblog attempts to cool the fire on the developing possibility that the Downing Street Memos are fakes.

A couple of points on his post:

"No one in the British Government has denied their authenticity."

This isn't exactly right. We don't know "who" denied the memos authenticity - they too are anonymous - we don't really know if "they" exist. No one in the British Government has actually come on record to say - "Yes, those memos are real". In fact it is quite the opposite.

The second point he tries to make, "they would say something better".

Again, not so fast. What else would they have to say? It seems that if they fake, they have served their intended purpose well - the intended audience (as it has appeared to be) is the very far left moonbats, to give them the "smoking gun" they desire to impeach President Bush. After all they are only focusing on only one word "fixed". It wouldn't seem that need more.

Before we all "jump" the gun, (fake or real), in the interest of "Truth" the journalist Mr. Smith needs to come forward and reveal his sources (not likely to happen), and in addition (a point I am working on) much more needs to be known about him - his "political preferences".

Sorry, but bias in media has been proven before, and since we live in the post Rathergate days, further examination is needed before we put the flame out.

All Thing Conservative Blog echos the thought.