Hollywood couldn't have written it better!

Newsmax is reporting that Vanity Fair will be excerpting Ed Klein, the author of the upcoming book "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President."

Here's a "sneak peak":

"Seven years later - after her husband's impeachment - Hillary Clinton decided to run for Pat Moynihan's Senate seat from New York. First Lady Hillary Clinton came to ask for Senator and Mrs. Moynihan's blessing and endorsement, visiting the Senator in his Washington D.C. living room - this time at the Watergate hotel and apartment complex.

"Pat Moynihan was recuperating from recent back surgery and hadn't been up to the Hill for weeks. A longtime Democratic stalwart going all the way back to the Kennedy Administration, as well as a famous Harvard professor, author and UN Ambassador, Daniel Patrick Moynihan was already an American political legend.

"Hillary came into their living room expecting a cakewalk of an endorsement meeting. Instead, things quickly grew ugly. Both the Senator and his wife, Liz, went 'after' Hillary for her years of lies, deceptions and exaggerations. Clearly there was no love lost between the Moynihans and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"As Liz Moynihan questioned Hillary about her repeated dishonesty, and as Hillary dodged and weaved and lied even more, Pat Moynihan could take it no longer. He stood up and said, 'I have to go up to the Senate.' He left - but actually just went next door to another apartment to get 'away from Hillary.'

"Still, a few months later Hillary got what she had wanted: the prized photo 'op' at the Moynihans' upstate farm. There, as she announced her candidacy, Pat and Liz Moynihan stood and in effect gave their 'blessing' to this out-of-stater who was parachuting in to create her own base for an inevitable White House run.

"Oddly, Pat Moynihan never uttered Hillary's name - not even once - during this event. He could not bring himself to mention Hillary by name - but the press reported his 'endorsement' just the same.

"And Hillary went on to win his Senate seat.

"That is the story of both Clintons: Despite reservations by others who might stand in their way, the Clintons always get what they want - and they always get away with whatever it takes.

"Their sense of inevitability overcomes all obstacles."

heh, "Whatever it takes, because THEY could."

God save America from this twit.