I'm waiting to see the report!

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo and Iraq, Afghanistan: UN source

Hat tip Captains Quarters Blog!

Ok, I'm getting deluged by email saying, "See you right-wing facist! They admit it! There is torture going on!"

Not so fast.

I have no doubt that the US a report to the UN. However, I do have a doubt of what the "anonymous" UN inspector is telling the press that report contains.

By the way? Why is he telling anyone, especially the press?

After all they were squalking about the US not cooperating. So now that they get a report they run to media to shout, "See, See, they admit it!".

I'm going to wait to see that report for myself. Are these "tortures and abuses" already known instances (past tense) or happening right now (future tense). We know nothing from this story. In fact there is no reason to release it if details (and a source) are not available.

Now I'm NOT defending anyone who committed any act of abuse or even torture. But the military is good with this stuff - I know, I spent 13 years with them. They will find the culprits and punish them accordingly. Incidently, they don't need AP or any other media outlet to call these things to their attention. Abu Grab was in in-progress investigation BEFORE photos appeared on CBS.

So let's see what the report contains.

Right now - considering the track record of the UN on human rights (Sudan for example) and the fact that most of these inspectors come from countries with human rights abuse issues of their own - makes me even more suspicious of anything they say until I can verify it.