Israel selling planes to China?

U.S. forces Israel to cancel sale of planes to China

The Hindu reports that the US has pressured Israel to cancel it's sale of dones to China in response to what the report say, "US allegations that (China) misled Washington on the export of shared technology.


"The U.S. imposed a series of tough trade sanctions on Israel in protest at its deal to upgrade Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, which are used for intelligence gathering from space. American defence officials said Israel had claimed it was maintaining the drones when in fact it was upgrading them using technology the U.S. did not want to fall into Chinese hands.

According to a report on Sunday in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered officials to travel to Washington to resolve the dispute.

Rachel Niedak Ashkenazi, a spokeswoman for the Israel Ministry of Defense, said a delegation left for Washington on Sunday. It is understood that Israel has frozen the upgrade of the Chinese drones and has agreed to allow the U.S. to examine its defence exports.

It is the country's second dispute with Washington over arms sales to China. In 2000, Israel was forced to cancel a £1billion radar deal with Beijing at the request of the Americans. It was forced to pay compensation and will probably do so again for breaching its contract.

The U.S. is determined that no country with which it shares military technology should sell it on to Beijing." (end).

China is becoming bad news real quick. Bill Gertz in the Washington Times has a special running this week called, "Chinese Dragon Awakes". In his special he covers China seemingly unnoticed military build-up:

Excerpt: " China is building its military forces faster than U.S. intelligence and military analysts expected, prompting fears that Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next two years, according to Pentagon officials.

U.S. defense and intelligence officials say all the signs point in one troubling direction: Beijing then will be forced to go to war with the United States, which has vowed to defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack. "

China has been gathering OUR secrets for years. Most famous of these attempts was under the Clinton administration. While China has a massive Army number wise, they could not match us in a war technology wise. Secondly there is the energy question which causes great concern about China's proposed offer for Unocal. Put two and two together. China needs technology (which it is getting by hook or crook), and energy which the Unocal deal will give them.

China is no doubt happy about America's attention being in Iraq and elsewhere, but I'm glad that someone in the Administration saw something in the Israeli deal and told them to halt.

I would propose that before we give China any information or trade they are made to disclose their full intentions no only on Taiwan, but in future Sino/US relations. Which would mean that they would have to allow inspections to see 'where they are'. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.