It's simple: Democrats don't have a voice!

Boston Globe: Democrats struggle to find one voice on Iraq


"WASHINGTON -- House and Senate Democrats, sensing an opportunity in President Bush's sagging poll numbers and an increasingly unpopular war, have held a series of long, closed-door meetings over the past several weeks to find a common position and a sharpened political message on the Iraq War.

Some participants in the meetings said Bush's failure to articulate an exit strategy in his speech on Tuesday night only underscored the need for Democrats to devise their position. But they also acknowledged that within the party, there are fundamentally different views on the war." (end)

The fundamental problem with the Democratic Party why they can't come to a consenses about Iraq is simple: They don't have a position on anything! Especially if they don't see it as advantageous to their real cause: Get back in power.

If you've noticed the Democrats are largely a "frog party", that is they "leap" from one issue to another SO LONG as it looks bad for the present administration. After all that is what it all about - making Bush look bad, take advantage of it, and then use that to gain seats in the upcoming 2006 elections and ultimately the Presidency in 2008.

But the problem with leaping is the appearance of instability. Thus in 2004 you have your candidate for President making statements like:

"I did vote for the 87 Billion, before I voted against it." - John Kerry.

That statement gained him the "flip-flopper" lable that stuck throughout the campaign and ultimately his defeat on November 2nd.

When you ask anyone about their most glaring criticism of a politician it's "They would do anything, say anything for a vote". Whether the Democrats know it or not; or more likely they are oblivious to it; that's the impression they are giving now.

President Bush won the 2004 election because more than anything, he didn't appear to say anything to get a vote and then "flip" to something else just because polls indicated it was popular with voters. Whether or not an individual voter liked Bush or his policies or not, I believe the main reason 68 million people voted for him was the simple and clear fact that he isn't the typical politician.

He isn't swayed by polls - even if they are down at this point. Heck after the all out MSM, MoveOn, Michael Moore blitzkrieg last year it's an astounding testimony to this truth that he is still in office. That's what really kills the Democrats. They are besides themselves right now with the question, "How in the heck it he doing it?" "What do we have to do?

To use the an overused phrase: "They don't get it".

As long as the Democratic Party is viewed as schizophrenic, with no focus or identity, position or voice, they will remain on the ropes and out of power.