John F'ing Kerry - SF 180? I don't need no stinking SF 180!

Blaming Bush for the Gitmo 'abuse'...

"This administration created the atmosphere and the capacity for this to happen! ...The reason is Republicans control the committees and their protecting their own administration, it's very simple'

This on the heals of his "I'm going to Washington to get to the bottom on the Downing Memo!" barking he did last week.

In your words "Senator" "Bring it on!"

Btw....126 days ago, John, you promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 and release your military records. You have yet to do that. What's the hold up?

Ah, It's good to have Gig back in the spotlight. Along with Howard Dean things are looking good for the GOPk for a long time to come!