Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Leadership - Something the MSM and Liberals Don't Get.

MSNBC's Take
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MSNBC's picture from their front page is telling about how they rate the President's address.

I told you that the MSM would get on his case if he failed to live up to their expectations. Look for some squirley headlines from AP, Reuters and the rest of the bunch.

Far as I'm concerned, and I wasn't at all concerned about his speach, he didn't tell the American people what the press said they wanted to hear, but he did tell them what they needed to hear - that's Leadership!

True leadership doesn't always give you warm and fuzzy news. I was an Army Sergeant for nine years. I told my people the truth - whether they liked it or not. Leadership isn't a personality contest, like American Idol where people call in and say, "I like that guy, he makes me feel good." Deep down people don't want a leader like that - not like a blade of grass blowing around to every wind of change. They want a Leader who believes in what he is doing and most important, that he is doing it from a profound sense of duty and honor.

No, he won't satisfy critics with this speach, they'll continue to rage and rant, make false accusations and the like.

Allow me to digress at this point. As I look over the Democratic landscape, their comments, actions, I can sense that their rage comes not from anything George Bush is or does, but from their own sad realization that they have no one like him on their side. He reminds them of what they would like to be, but cannot because their ideology will not allow that.

Sure they have "rock stars" like Bill Clinton and Hillary. Yet when they had their to win the Presidency all they had to offer was a stereotypical politician from Massachusetts. The kind of candidate you would find in a Hollywood movie. A candidate who couldn't say what he meant (because he changed it every day), so he could never mean what he said.

They don't have a Ronald Reagan or a George W. Bush. In fact they haven't had anyone of note in power since JFK (Clinton was a rock star - nothing else).

I'm proud of this President not because he is Republican, but because he has always said what he means, and laid it on the line even if I didn't happen to like it at the time. Unless the Democrats can find a leader like that they haven't a chance in 2006, 2008 or beyond.

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