Macmind's Quiz of the Day - "How Big is Air America?"

I was listening to Air America today (I know....I have a liberal partner at work). I really just heard the claim that they are in 60 markets and taking the country by storm! Ooooh, look out Rush!

Brian Maloney is a talk show host most famous for the flap he got into over his views of Dan Rather and RaThErGaTe. Actually he got fired for it. According to his bio on his blog here he actually got more famous as a result of being fired. Yet looking at his blog he's covering Air America like a 32B cup on a 400 pound woman (yikes!).

According a recent he highlights the claims of Air America against the 25 most highly listened to shows from Talkers Magazine According to the numbers it doesn't look good for Air America. In fact it doesn't look like their sharting much of a rain shower in national ratings, much less a storm.