Message to the World - Feel VERY Grateful.

You know, I've had it up to HERE with the United States being on the defensive on the war on terror. No, not militarily, but in the MSM. How in the hell did that happen?

1. How come the detainee's are getting victim status by the majority of media coverage? Who's the enemy here?

2. Why is President Bush and the Administration constantly having to "explain themselves" to weasely little men and woman (mostly leftist journalist) about every little thing that we do to protect ourselves? What the f-ck is the problem?

Why don't we just tell the world and especially the media this:

"We are the biggest dogs on the block, we are GOING to protect our ground - EVEN if we have to bite your ass off!"

After all WE got attacked. Does anyone remember that? For the "longterm memory challenged" and liberals too, it was September 11th, 2001. Remember? Two Towers, and a field in PA, and over 3000 of our brothers and sisters burned alive - vaporized before our eyes. Remember the outrage? The sense that Justice must be done? As the song goes, "Have we forgotten?"

So I say, "Hey world! Hear me loud and clear! You are EXTREMELY lucky that the power and might of the US isn't in Russia's hands or China's or even Radical Islam's. If China had been attack such as NY was the entire Gulf Peninsula would be glowing in the dark by now - guaranteed. There wouldn't be all this namby-pamby foot shuffling and bowing going on. They would be running tanks through your streets, or what would be left of them.

That's why the US is special! We're not animals - we're not criminals. We are an honorable people who value justice and truth. You should feel damn grateful world that such mighty power is in such honorable hands.