Moonbat Rage Alert!

Moonbat Rage Alert!
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U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N. is well, "rangling" again about the supposed "Downing Street Memo". He and moonbats met in the basement (basement?) of the Capitol. About 20 democrat house members met there as well along with some "antiwar activist".

So what's the deal? The real story of the Downing Memo that has moonbats rubbing themselves in a frenzy is here . For what it is worth, my take is this. If this memo had any traction (or truth) to it, the MSM would have jumped on it by now. Instead only today after Rangel got a photo op did it receive a mention. Sure the NY times has run a story on it - hard to believe, I know, since Abu Grab took up the front page for six months. There have been bits and pieces of it covered on other mediums - mainly left-wing moonbat/conspiracy theory web blogs. Yet, the simple fact is that this memo proves nothing substantive. There are no quotes from Blair or Bush and quite frankly the premise is way off. Would Bush and Blair conspire to "deceive" a nation into war? Anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely.

The sad part is that Charles is a honorable decorated Korean War vet. I thank him for his service to our nation. But even he couldn't possibly believe this. So what is this is about - really about - is frustration on the part of the Democratic Party. They have been out of power for a while now, in fact they have no power to speak of. So they delay, obstruct, pick Howard Dean for DNC Chair, and get on news programs daily and rant and rave and compare our soldiers, sailors and marines as "Nazi Storm Troopers". Is this going to get them back into power? I think not. But just like an animal who is wounded, they will snap back, bite and grow and generally make a nuisance of themselves along the way.