Moonbats on Parade!

The "Progressives" are on the warpath! "Save us from Bush and Cheney and Haliburton and blah, blah..."

They want to take back America!!

From their site :

"George Bush and the right wing of Congress are going for it all. They are trying to...

PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY and dismantle the social safety net (a lie)

OCCUPY IRAQ and have the United States police the globe (another lie)

Pack the courts and undermine CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY (nose getting longer)

CRUSH UNIONS and leave workers on their own (I'm getting dizzy)

Turn back the clock on CIVIL RIGHTS, WOMEN'S RIGHTS, GAY RIGHTS and the ENVIRONMENT (when all else fails play this card. Did you know that liberals were never a part of the civil rights movement? Ask a "Dixie Democrat")

They have the White House, right wing majorities in Congress, an aggressive message machine, an energized base, and hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate lobbies to manipulate our political system. (Whaaaaaaa!!!!)

But we are going to stop them (Now I'm shaking!!). A new PROGRESSIVE MAJORITY is coming together."

Do you hear the "Mighty Mouse" Theme? "Here we come to save the day!" Actually they forgot one stat, that being about 4.5 million more voters than they have supporting Bush and his agenda.

Libs crack me up. They just don't get it. They lost the last election; will lose again in 2006, and haven't a prayer in 2008! Hillary? Bring her on baby can't wait!

Truth is that I want them to continue to present themselves as the "Party of Hysteria" it plays well, and will continue to keep us "evil rightwingers" right where we are - in charge for good. Posted by Hello