More on Terri Schiavo


Michelle Malkin has some good info on her excellent blog reference to the 'autopsy' report of Terri Schiavo. Yet one paragraph caught my attention:

Michelle relates to the report notation: "Without the orginal bone scan and radiographs from that period, no other conclusions can [be] reasonably made."

Well, there is an earlier report found here Which shows the results of a bone scan done in 1991. One sentence stands out: "Patient shows a history of trauma."

How the 'Doc' missed this when it has been all over the net for the last six months is baffling!

I'll tell you, something stinks about the whole thing. From the fact that Michael works for the Sheriff's Department; that both Judge Greer and the sheriff are friends, and now the medical pathologist in the same jurisdiction can't find anything unusual.

The words of the song, "That's the Night When the Lights Went Out in Georgia" come to mind.