NBC News Dick Gregory - Getting Out the Talking Points

Dick Gregory - Democratic Shrill
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Now for your "Kool-Aid" moment of the day.

NBC News and DNC Contributor, Dick Gregory gives his analysis on "why George Bush sounds so angry."

"Frustration, mostly, with the president's second term in a summer slowdown, including:

Declining support for the war in Iraq;
The nomination of John Bolton to the United Nations still stalled;
And bipartisan opposition to a White House-backed free trade agreement with Central America.
Then, there's Social Security reform, with a spring-turned-summer offensive on private accounts."

Er, Gregory - no less thanks to you and your co-horts in the MSM getting the DNC "Talking Points" out to the public.

Wonder why Mr. Clinton (opps, sorry), Mr. Gregory didn't mention the recent Zogby Poll that shows support for private accounts?