Thursday, June 30, 2005


Note to Democrats and the MSM: There WERE ties to Iraq and Al Qaeda

With the "new-found" criticism from the left following President Bush's speech on Tuesday where he linked Iraq with the War on Terror, it's amazing that the MSM and Democrats are still harking their line:

"There were no links between Saddam and Al Qaeda!"

Which of course is blatantly false. Note that Mr. Bush didn't say Saddam planned or was responsible for 9/11. But the links between the disposed dictator and al qaeda are so many, I can't go over them completely here. But summerizes a few of them that were published by the Hudson Institute. Take a look. Also here and here.

UPDATE: Powerlineblog is "Mystified" how Democrats seems to have no memory of signing the resolution they signed authorizing the war. I'm mystified too.

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