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Now for your Reuter's Moment

Rice claims U.S. credit for Mideast reforms

The article headline is only the beginning. Let's disect this a little shall we?

By Saul Hudson

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday the United States could take credit for an improvement in political freedoms in the Middle East after Washington made promoting democracy a priority this year.

While she acknowledged there were other factors (?), Rice said the U.S. campaign had generally increased the chances for reforms and, in the cases of elections in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, had directly stimulated change.

The overall sense that this is a region that is now unlocking in terms of democratic reform ... is in part attributable to U.S. policy," she told reporters as she flew to Brussels following a tour of the Middle East, where she prodded Saudi Arabia and Egypt to expand political freedoms."

(BUT.... Mr. Hudson continues....Here comes the famous Reuters Bias Alert)

"In a policy shift that has evolved after militants attacked America on September 11, 2001, President Bush has pledged to make democracy central to bilateral relations in the belief that U.S. interests are best served if freedoms spread."

(No, Mr. Hudson TERRORISTS; MURDERERS is more appropriate! Militants my ass....)

The drool continues..

"But Washington's different standards for its allies and foes weaken American credibility in a region already skeptical of any U.S. moral authority because of, among other things, the abuse of Iraqi detainees, political analysts say."

(What political analysts? Kofi Annan? Kim Jong II?, MSNBC?

Differing standards for allies and foes? You're damn right. Peace and prosperity for our allies, serious ass-kicking for our foes - got that Mr. Hudson?)


The point that these doofs miss is this:

The Bush Doctrine as I've said before is being unfolded before our eyes, going where others have failed. A seed of democrasy planted in Iraq and growth - while slow - will occur. In that post I wondered if the MSM was finally beginning to "get it". I believe they do, but they don't like it - not one bit. It would sound like the last thing the MSM wants is a "Peaceful Middle East". Where is the "news" in that?

Harsh? Yeah, but what do they want us to believe by their incessant negative coverage than to leave us with no other choice than to think they truly WANT the doctrine to fail. Too bad they're wrong!

The truth is that the plan IS working, and years from now we will see the fruits in ways we cannot imagine now.


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