Putting Detainee 063 into perspective

Guantanamo Provides Valuable Intelligence Information

This link provides from the Defense Department provides some insight in the back ground of 'poor little abused' detainee # 063.

Hat tip to Powerlineblog for the link. Also this link for some interesting emails regarding the biased MSM attack on Gitmo as well as idiotic statements from Senator (use the term loosely) Chuck Hagel. I agree - Mr. Hagel seems more concerned with the opinion of thugs than of the safety of our country - an absolute disgrace.

UPDATE: With your morning coffee, here is your morning with Islam Online . Note the headine: "Senate Censures Pentagon".

Ah, not quite Islam Online - it's only a couple (read the above notes). If you're going to try to incite a riot, at least understand our political system about what a Censure is.