Quran Mania

Quran Mania
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The Pentagon released it's report on "Quran Abuse" tonight here's the scoop:

Five total cases of Quran "abuse" were found.

Yet there was not one shred of evidence that a Quran was flushed down a toilet except by a detainee. However, a soldier did kick a Quran - Don't know if it went "wide right".

In another case guards were throwing water balloons - having some fun - near a cell and a few Qurans got wet.

In another instance an interrogator stepped on a Koran during interrogation (intentional? Deliberate? Big feet?)

Another soldier peed near an air vent and it inadvertently sprayed on a Quran and another wrote a dirty word or two in another (but it isn't known who wrote it - could have been a detainee.

Well slap me with a trout! Is this IT? Talk about "straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!"

Now I don't condone any kind of disrepect - it isn't necessary - yet I do think this is much to do about nothing. Now we are switching from "abuse of prisoners" to "abuse of an inanimate object - a book!" What's next?

(AP) Detainee's Not Allowed Charmin Toilet Paper - Inspectors discovered that detainee's have to use government issued toilet paper which is known to cause friction burns......

Ridiculous? Yeah, but that it what this nitpicking is getting to. Every dot and every "T" being checked.

So punish the soldiers involved and move on.

Once again the US shows that it looks into even the silliest allegations and gets to the bottom of things (most of these events were over 2 years ago and have been corrected). It's too bad that Radical Muslims and most of their cahorts in MSM will no doubt incite the crowds to riot now.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that in Saudi Arabia they will burn a Bible if they find one on you? Not 'pee on it" or even throw a water balloon at it, they will BURN IT, and might even remove your head in some circumstances.

Reality check is needed here. Detainees are there because they want to KILL US. Oh well, that doesn't matter now does it New York Times or P_MSNBC. People let's wake up -we're at war here.

UPDATE: As predicted the MSM is being selective about how they are reporting these revelations. Here is an interesting 'charge' from the NY Times which typifies biased and attack reporting.

"The military released the findings of the investigation about 7:15 p.m., Eastern time, well after the broadcasts of the network television evening news programs. A Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman, denied that the military was trying to bury bad news late on a Friday night, a tactic often used by government agencies. "It was completed and we try not to hold these things after their reviews are completed," Mr. Whitman said in a telephone interview."

"A tactic used by Government agencies" How about YOU guys picking both Friday nights and especially Sunday night to NUKE sitting presidents just for effect? Cowards and hypocrites. Where is the coverage of five detainees desecrating their own Qurans? Nope didn't think so! Michelle Malkin is doing a bang up job of covering the MSM's NON coverage of the important facts