Rush on Conservative Bloggers Trashing Klein

Ok, this ought to "rock the house" !

The transcript and audio link from today's show is up at Rush's site. If you want to listen do so today, it won't be there after tomorrow's show.

Some excerpts:

"It's kind of like what's happening here with this Ed Klein book. Exactly what I predicted is happening. The media is creating a backlash about this book before the book even comes out. The book came out yesterday. This Klein guy is having a tough time getting on TV for any interviews. The press is not curious about what he's saying. They're circling the wagons trying to defend Hillary, but in addition to that -- and this is where the similarity to the Durbin business came in. In addition to that a whole bunch of conservative pundits are out there in a race to see who can be first to impress the mainstream media that they are not right-wing wackos. "I don't abide this book. Hey, don't want me in with Limbaugh and those other guys," and I haven't said a word about the book. One little reference two weeks ago. The contents of book are irrelevant to me at this point and I'm going to tell you what happens, folks: I don't care what the book says. The book is going to make Hillary even bigger. The book is going to turn her into -- the way this culture works she's going to become -- an even bigger celebrity. She's going to become a bigger star out of all of us. "

"We need to look into this," because there's a certain element of the conservative punditry that lives and works and Washington, and they don't want to be thought of as anything other than ├╝ber-intellectuals. They don't want to be thought of as reactionary right-wingers, and so they're in a race here to see which one of them can be first to the finish line to show people in the mainstream press that they have grown, and they don't like what's happening to this Hillary book at all. Certain pundits, media outlets on our side trying to establish their own objectivity and credentials with the left -- not with the American people -- by pouncing on this book, but it never works."

"He's written books about the Kennedys. Why didn't our folks trash him for that? He's written a lot of books about the Kennedys, folks, and I don't remember the conservative punditry being the first in line to say, "I just disavow this! I can't believe it! I don't want anybody to think that I had anything to do with this book, and I don't support this book." Why now?"

"Imagine if Gary Aldrich's book came out now. Imagine! I wonder if conservatives would start trashing him?"

Again, some of what he is saying to me has some ring of truth, but I'm not the judge - to thine own self be true.