Senate to Apologize for Not Passing Anti-Lynching Laws

Don't quite know what this accomplishes. Lynchings were wrong and a horrible part of our history, but what good is it to say that we're sorry fifty or hundren years after the fact? Whatever. While we're on the subject of "apologizing" why don't we hear from the Muslim world, who were and in many cases still are the chiefs of the slave market?

In any case reports say that this resolution was attempted before but failed due mostly to 'Southern Senator" support. I'm going to look into that - no doubt it was the Dixie Democratic ruled south of 1890 through 1952. That demographic has radically changed today.

Captain Ed covers the history of the attempts at this law's passage in the past.

Yet I have to wonder whether Senator Robert (KKK) Byrd's name is on the resolution? Or will he filibuster.

UPDATE: La Shawn Barber weighs in - it's a hoot!


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