Slimy Alter - "What's the Worry?"

Sliming the Innocent

Johnathan Alter in this weeks Newsweek column takes a slimey swipe at Governor Jeb Bush of Florida for openning an investigation into the Schiavo case reference to the delay in Michael Schiavo calling 911.

In Alter's words:

“Between 40 and 70 minutes elapsed before the call was made and I am aware of no explanation for the delay,” the governor wrote, as if Schiavo could be expected to remember the exact time he found her and placed the call. While claiming preposterously that he was not suggesting wrongdoing, he urged a “fresh look” at the 15-year-old case and McCabe has opened an investigation.

That’s all we need now—another look at this sad personal story. Bush clearly wants the public to believe that in 1990 Michael Schiavo, who spent the next several years doing everything he could to help his stricken wife (including studying to become a nurse), actually wanted her to die right then and there. After 15 years, his timeline was inconsistent! He didn’t call 911 immediately!

Bush has a daughter who, sadly, is a convicted drug abuser. When she passed out (as all drug abusers do), did he immediately call 911? Does he remember the exact time of the call? Was there a gap between the time he first saw that she might be ailing and when he took her for treatment?"

So much venom and anger. My, my when lefties get mad they resort to cheap personal insults - it never fails. Very sad for a so-called professional journalist.

For Mr. Alter's information Governor Bush isn't the only one in the State of Florida with doubts, many of my former colleagues in Law Enforcement believe strongly that something happened that night - something more than a fall. No one wants to falsely accuse Mr. Schiavo of anything wrong, but there are just too manymissing links in that autopsy.

Mr. Schiavo has many inconsistancies in his story. The autopsy - which incidently said no heart attack occured - flies in the face of "nurse" Michael's claims made both in court and over the course of 15 years.

There is a need to look into the circumstance behind that night and for your information Mr. Alter it's the Governor's job to accomplish that.