Social Security Exit Plan? - Macsmind "Kool-Aid Article of the Day".

Exit strategy on Social Security sought

Once again disinformation from the paper who made it a household word. Let's dissect the disinformation in this story.

First with the last paragraph which is totally misleading:

"Democrats are unapologetic. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said voters increasingly see Bush as the impediment to a compromise because the president has stubbornly stuck by a partial privatization proposal that has never gained broad public support."

Wrong! Maybe in WP polls, but a Zogby poll taken recently showed great support for private accounts, especially those polled under 30 (66 percent to 23 percent). The numbers do drop the older the respondent:

Repondents between 30 and 50 = 58 percent versus 37 percent.

The respondents who oppose are of course those over 65 who wouldn't participate anyway.

I find this omission about how polls are conducted by Zogby interesting:

"The thing that is compelling in this poll is that this is the response you get when you use a positive approach on Social Security reform," Mr. Zogby said. "If you use the 'Chicken Little, sky-is-falling' approach, then voters understand that something has to be done, but don't see the connection between personal accounts and fundamental reform of Social Security."

Now you didn't see this poll in the MSM - they ignored it. But the support IS there. Democrats simply want to obstruct it. The point is that we are continually getting these "breaking stories" of "dissension in the ranks" among the GOP and "exit strategies". The pure and simple fact is that the President's scolding of the Democrats the other night is only the beginning of the assault on this misinformation put out by the WP, and MSM.