Something Liberals will never understand

Leaders must maintain order, even if by force

an excerpt:

"Abraham Lincoln was not exactly a warrior. Yet he was a great president because he did not hesitate to utilize the army to halt the South's secession. The decree that he signed ordering his troops to uphold the Constitution was as important as the decree that ended slavery."

Can you imagine if Lincoln lived today? Just how would he would treat the 'new progressives', the rabid ultra-liberal socialist left in this country, who are no different in principal than their secession forefathers. Perhaps he would deal with the acts of treason/sedition produced by these enemies of freedom and democracy - by force if neccesary.

No, I know that couldn't happen today - we have become too soft - even from our conservative leaders. But what liberals will never understand is the "Spiderman Rule" which is that with great power comes great responsibility. When they had power they squandered it and morally bankrupted our country - which only reflects the bankruptsy of their inner souls.

Now they have no power and are unlikely to return to it anytime soon, all you hear from them is the constant biting and death screams of a former political party now reduced to nothing more than incoherent mob.

Only if a Lincoln were alive today....