Wednesday, June 29, 2005


"A Team" Critics

Remember the A-Team from the 80's TV show? Sure you do. Col. John "Hannibal" Smith , Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck, Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock and Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus formed the A Team to root out evil on our TV every week.

The interesting thing that critics of the show pointed out what no matter how much shooting they did at the bad guys or the bad guys at them but no one got shot! Yet the A-Team prevailed over evil, the bad guys subdued and all was well for next week's episode.

Sometimes I think that is the kind of politicians and media pundits we have. Most of the critics of the war in Iraq have been critiquing it since the beginning. But it almost seems that they expected this to be over in an episode - in an instant, you know, so we could get on to the next espisode.

Yet as soon as REAL shooting took place, and people got hit and some died and are still dying, the A-Team critics began to wail and gnash their teeth, crying, "Oh! The bloodshed! How could this be? That Evil Bush guy, he'll get us all killed!

I for one do not watch the TV pundits, or much of the MSM anymore. First, I don't give a squat what they have to say good or bad about the War. I have my own contacts over in Iraq, so I get a daily email dose of what is happening. From what I'm hearing you'd think the MSM is on another planet talking about War of the Worlds, not realizing it's a movie.

No, not everything is cheery - life isn't cheery. But by and large it gets better each day. There are problems, but every post war reconstruction had problems. What? You expected the terrorist - who view this as a Crusader Invasion to just lay down and come peacefully?

As ex-military I'm not so decieved as to think that any success in Iraq could be accomplished in a year, or two or even ten. You have a whole middle east full of radical islamics bent on distroying us in the west. It wouldn't have mattered if we invaded Iraq or not, they would still hate us.

How hard is it to realize that it's better to fight them there than here on our own soil?

Ms. Pelosi? How would you deal with it if they came to your district? Who would you call? What decisions would you make to protect your people?

Mr. Kennedy? Mr. Reid? same question. What would YOU do?

For that matter Fox's Mr. O'Reilly? You're fond of saying, "I'm looking out for you?" What would you do? Would you protect us if they were here?

The question can go to any armchair and frankly inexperienced and uninformed politician or pundit. What would YOU do, if the terrorists in Iraq came to visit your hometown? Would you then be saying, "Oh, I wish they were over THERE far away...."

Who said war is like a TV show? Who said it needs a "time-table"? Folks, thing don't work that way in war! Heck, it doesn't work that way in life. In a war - and no one really likes war - the best laid plans are just that plans. The reality on the ground is fluid - you roll with the punches, you give a few back and harder ones than you received, until the job is done.

Real life, unlike TV doesn't always operate on schedule - especially just to make it convenient.

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