Ten Commandments - Supreme Court - One For; One Against

Following the Supreme Court Decisions on SCOTUS blog.

I was wrong - in one case McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky, the court ruled in favor of the ACLU of displays of the Ten Commandments on the wall of courthouses in two Kentucky counties Yet in another decision involving a Ten Commandments statue on the state capitol building in Austin, Texas, ruled the display was consitutional.

Talk about split! To me it seems OK if you buy a monument and give it to the court or government building. It can be displayed in that case. So that as long as the Government didn't buy it and erect it, it's Ok. I'm no lawyer, correct me if I'm wrong.

Bloomberg "rides the fence" on the issue by writing:

"The decisions will help guide government officials who want to display religious symbols. The rulings will affect the legal status of thousands of statues, murals, monuments and other displays that already are in place around the country."

I smell "loopholes" all over the place. This isn't completely over yet. Seems like the court have openned this to a re-visit in the coming years.

One thing, you can bet your bippy that the ACLU will cut across both decisions and continue their rampage on "Judeo Christian Freedom".

(Note: Although it may be OK to the ACLU if the Judge of a Court wants to read the Quran during boring testimony - I doubt they would challenge that.)

On the first ruling the deciding vote was by Sandra Day O'Connor - who hopefully will retire at the end of this term. In my opinion she has been a thorn in the side of right-wing causes over the years.

I agree with Anklebitingpundits.com that a Culture War is looming at this point.

Yet no retirements have been announced yet but the day isn't over yet. Keep checking the SCOTUS blog for updates.

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