U.S. finally pressuring Syria

U.S. claiming consensus on Syria

"Bush administration officials asserted Thursday that an international consensus had emerged blaming Syria for stoking violence in Lebanon, Iraq and against Israelis, and that it was now "certain" that Syrian agents were operating on Lebanese territory.

The officials' comments represented yet another escalation of the campaign by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to isolate Syria diplomatically as the administration has faced mounting violence against its interests throughout the Middle East.

Rice has not said what other forms of pressure might be applied."

But then she adds:

"Let's not have more words about what they are prepared to do," she said. Let's have action. If they're prepared to do it, they should just do it."

That's my Girl!! Go get 'em!

I'll tell you, it's about time! Syria is a breeding ground for terrorist and in my opinion can be trusted about as far as I can throw a piano. As far as I'm concerned unless they repent - let's get 'em.