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When Critics Rage ....

Bush Flops in Prime Time

A blog called the "Dissident voice", writes this morning about Bush's speech last night:


"The Bush prime-time fiasco was the biggest presidential pratfall in the history of the office. Bush was expected to lay out a new vision that would soothe the jittery nerves of the country but, instead, ladled out the same tired bromides he’s used for the last five years. Even his worshipful audience of servicemen and women slumped into stunned silence as the Commander in Chief exhumed the pitiable rhetoric of the Vietnam era. The reverberations of Westmoreland’s “light in the tunnel” speech resonated through the Fort Bragg auditorium as Bush blathered on about “no timetable” and “staying the course.” The oratory offered no explanation for why the nation continues to slip beneath the Iraqi quicksand." (Get your Kool-Aide and your popcorn and read the rest if you can! I haven't laughed so much in years!)

Whooboy....Isn't the internet fun? I mean that anyone, even an idiot with a connection can be a 'pundit'!


A few corrections for this "Journalist". The service men and women at the President's speech weren't "slumped into stunned silience", they were ordered not to clap or respond. Try "Research". In fact, many times during my long military career when we sat and listened to dignitaries we were told not to respond - ether positively or negatively to what they said. It's called "Discipline and Protocol"

Secondly the only "pitiabler Vietnam era rhetoric" that I hear these days comes from sites like yours, and the rest of "stuck in the 60's or wish I was", lunatics on the left.

"Quagmire rhetoric anyone?"

Oh, and by the way we are winning in Iraq. If you stop making Daily Kos your primary "source of disinformation" and you might learn a thing or two about what is really going on in Iraq. In fact, why don't you just visit there?

("Mr. Mike Whitney? There is call on line three, Mr. Michael Smith wants to know if you've heard from Dan Rather about those memos lately?")

Like I said, "Isn't the Internet fun?"


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As I told you about in this post yesterday as a source confirmed to me that the Justice Department has launched a probe into the NSA leak. Mr. Risen, you are in trouble - prepare your defense. I told you so.

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Newsbusters Busts the MSM on Bush Event

Newsbusters, the blog of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center, exposes the MSM attempt to spin President Bush's meeting with troops into a 'staged event'.

Truth is that the event was not staged, the troops were telling their real feelings: that they support the war and our President.

I guess they might have this story mixed up with the "planted question" to Sec. Rumsfeld back in December 2004.

Yet, that wasn't the case here, Soldiers when asked, will tell you the truth.

Just like in this picture, they tell it like it is!

Michelle Malkin has links to other reactions. Also Blogs for Bush.

UPDATE I: Michelle has a further reponse from one of the soldiers in the video. Here's an excerpt:

"First of all, we were told that we would be speaking with the President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, so I believe that it would have been totally irresponsible for us NOT to prepare some ideas, facts or comments that we wanted to share …