When a murder isn't a murder or isn't it? I'm Confused.

Double Murder Conviction for Man Who Helped Girlfriend Miscarry: Posted by Hello

Man get's life for helping girlfriend kill her children in the womb; she walks because "it's her right".

When does anyone have a right to kill? From Fox: "Texas law defines an embryo or fetus as an "individual" and allows criminal prosecution or civil action for a preventable injury or death of a fetus. The law exempts health care providers who perform a legal medical procedure, such as an abortion."

You can't have it both ways. If he's guilty, she's guilty. She asked him to stomp on her stomach, that makes her at least an accomplice to the crime. What kind of double talking crap is this?

I'm sorry, I'm confused. This isn't justice, it's semantics played at the expense of dead children. God help us. If there is any reason to put REASONED justices on our courts THIS is it!