Amnesty International The King of Hyperbole

What's Wrong with This Picture? - For one, it's not even recent!"

Amnesty International Website: Stop torture and ill-treatment in the war on terror


"Human rights are under threat. The ban on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment the most universally accepted of human rights is being undermined. In the war on terror, governments are not only using torture and ill-treatment, they are making the case that this is justifiable and necessary.

Those who claim to set their human rights standards high are at the forefront of this assault. The USA is one such government. Their conduct influences governments everywhere, giving comfort to those who commit torture routinely and undermining the very values the war on terror is supposed to defend.

They speak of coercive interrogation but when the door to torture is opened, the pressure is always upward. If one slap doesnt work, then a beating will follow. If a beating doesn't work, what comes next? We see the photographs, hear the testimonies. It is cruel, inhuman; it degrades us all.

Join our campaign to stop torture and ill-treatment in the war on terror.

"If one slap doesn't work, then a beating will follow."


Where did Amnesty International get this information? Who is the source? Was it a prior detainee? Did they just "make it up" or were they just using "hyperbole"? You know, like, "Gitmo is a Gulag!"

Where are the testimonies? Where is the proof? All accusation and no facts.

If AI can't back it up something more than this propaganda, they ought to just shut up.