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....And now from Al Jazeera's corospondent in San Antonio...

Mansour El-Kikhia: Arabs shouldn't have to apologize

Mansour El-Kikhia, an apologist for Arab terror in general and Palestinian terror in particular is a regular columnist for the San Antonio Express News. You can read between the lines and see the veiled hatred towards the US and especially Israel. Therefore, since you know the source:

" I am fed up with the ceaseless requests by columnists, religious personalities and other American public figures for Arabs and Muslims to apologize for terrorist acts committed by thugs and murderers in the name of Islam.

Mr. El-Kikhia, it is called "Wahhabism", and like it or not, it's a form of Islam - religion of submission - not peace.

While not every person that practices Islam is a terrorist, you cannot separate the "Moon", though there is both a "light and dark" side.

But that's not my point. Mr. El-Kikhia then goes on his typical anti-Bush/Blair rant:

" It is rejection of U.S. and British policies in the Middle East, not Islam, that has promoted terrorism against America. And for the benefits of those who do not know, 95 percent of Middle Easterners are Muslims. Hence, it is only natural that those opposing the United States and Britain in the region would be Muslims. In India, they would have been Hindu; in Latin America or Northern Ireland, they would have been Catholic.

More important, it was the British and the United States that drew first blood. The Middle East didn't come to America or go to Britain; rather, America and Britain went to the Middle East. Both powers used and abused regimes, toppling some and keeping others in power. They never thought that the people they were helping suppress were human beings with needs, beliefs and emotions. They didn't care as long as their interests were served."

Again, repeating the mantra that British MP George Galloway, and other nut cases made after the London attacks that they were due to America's and Britist involvement in Iraq - which is false and betrays the 3000 who died on 9/11 BEFORE we entered Iraq. The Middle East DID come to America in 2001 and before that in 1993.

If Mr. El-Kikhia is so convinced that America is a terrorist tyrant nation, then why not go back to the "Middle East" and join in the Islamic fight against in the infidel. At least it would be more honest than veiling his hatred while enjoying benefits of the "enemy".

For an excellent rebuttal of Mr. El-Kikhia, read "The Muslim mind is on fire".


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