Another Glowing Report on Gitmo

Hayes: Gitmo a supporting environment

"CHARLOTTE - U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes described prison conditions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on Monday as “a supporting environment” after a weekend visit to the facility that has drawn international criticism.

“The most astounding thing to me is how nice the prisoners are being treated,” said Hayes, whose 8th congressional district includes Cabarrus County.

The Republican congressman said during a news conference on the main campus of Central Piedmont Community College that American guards develop “human relationships” with the prisoners, provide prisoners with cold drinks and snacks and treat the Koran respectfully. Said Hayes, “They’re seeing we’re not like their leadership said we would be.”

See that last sentence? It refers to the way soldiers view their elected representatives. Until this visit all they had heard from some of our elected representitives (the ones the MSM likes to quote), is how "terrible of a job they were doing."

While I was in the miliary I witnessed quite a few congressional delegations. We always stood tall because we were taught that they were the one's who along with the President would send us to fight and defend this country. If you think that we didn't listen to what our Senators, Congressmen and women, said, you would be dead wrong. Their opinion counts.

Even though I've been out for fifteen years now, after a thirteen-year career, everytime I hear a Durbin or Kennedy or Pelosi call us "thugs" and "murders" and that our efforts are a "quagmire", it makes me mad, but it also hurts.

If they really cared about the troops as much as they say they do, they would watch what they say. Loose lips sink ships, they can also break a soldier's spirit. I know of no greater tragedy.