"Bloggerman" King of the MoonBats - Wrong Again

I was hitting the sack, when I got this email: "Hey did you catch what Keith Olbermann has on his blog?"

My first thought, ...."Ohio? He 's counting votes again??

So there I went, I had to, to see what "Captain Tinfoil" was carping about this time. Just two months ago he accused the White House of treason, so I couldn't wait!

Of course it's about Rove......

His bloggerman entry:

"Karl Rove is a liability in the war on terror.

Rove -- Newsweek’s new article quotes the very emails -- told a Time reporter that Ambassador Joe Wilson’s trip to investigate of the Niger uranium claim was at the behest of Wilson’s CIA wife.

To paraphrase Mr. Rove, liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers; conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared to ruin the career of one of the country’s spies tracking terrorist efforts to gain weapons of mass destruction -- for political gain.

Politics first, counter-terrorism second -- it’s as simple as that.

In his ‘story guidance’ to Matthew Cooper of Time, Rove did more damage to your safety than the most thumb-sucking liberal or guard at Abu Ghraib. He destroyed an intelligence asset like Valerie Plame merely to deflect criticism of a politician. We have all the damned politicians, of every stripe, that we need. The best of them isn’t worth half a Valerie Plame. And if the particular politician for whom Rove was deflecting, President Bush, is more than just all hat and no cattle on terrorism, he needs to banish Rove -- and loudly."

(Ooooh, temper, temper - Bloggerman! You really should stop attending those MoveOn house parties!")

Obviously "Bloggerman" can't read Newsweek's article that shows nothing happened of the kind. For all we know Bloggerman gave away Ms. Desk Jockey/spy wannabe, Plame's name.

Intelligence asset? Oh yeah....that's what she was alright. See below.

By the way, er, "Bloggerman", Rove didn't deflect criticism, he let a reporter know he was being taken for a ride by a traitorist partisan hack - namely Joseph Wilson.

Oh well, that's the facts and a guy who saw votes hanging from trees wouldn't have a clue what that was anyway....

What a tool!