Bob Schieffer Unhinged

Face the Nation Transcript - July 17th, 2005

Bob Schieffer giving his "unbiased" opinion on final words:

"...what if the president had just called in his top people in the beginning of all this and said, `Folks, we have a problem here. I need to know who's been talking to Bob Novak...

...Instead, this White House did what it usually does when challenged: It went into attack mode, called charges that the White House had leaked the name ridiculous, and allowed the controversy to boil until a special prosecutor had to be appointed. Now two years and millions of tax dollars later, the president's trusted friend and strategist Karl Rove has emerged as the top suspect, and we're left to wonder: Can anything said from the White House podium be taken at face value, or does the White House just deny automatically anything that reflects badly on it?

This could and should have been dealt with inside the White House long before it reached the special prosecutor level. Instead, the president's people followed the modern public relations rule, `Never admit a mistake, just do what is necessary to kill the story before it kills you,' which often works. What they are learning, though, is that when that involves tearing down the character of your critics, it can also be very dangerous business."

Whoa Bob! Phew, calm down boy! Here, drink some water!

Heh,...remember when:

BOB SCHIEFFER: "Finally today, I get a lot of mail about media bias. I can't remember giving a lecture when I wasn't asked about it. If my mail is a measure, many conservatives believe that most reporters are Democrats, driven by liberal bias. Many liberals believe reporters are so cowed by the Bush administration that we go too easy on Republicans. My standard answer is that, yes, some reporters are biased, not many, but a few."

- Face the Nation February 6th, 2005

Ok Bob, whatever you say!

("Mr Schieffer, call on line three, it's Joe Wilson, he wants to know if he left his tea cup there?")