The Brilliance of President Bush

Thoughout the political career of George W. Bush, and especially during his Presidency, he has been portrayed as someone who isn't quite a smart as others. Well here is an article that shows the brilliance and leadership that came through on 9/11, and still comes through today:

Bush's Stunning Home Runs"


"US PRESIDENT George W. Bush has brilliantly nailed the feel-good politically correct worthlessness of both the Kyoto global 'warming' treaty and Live 8's make poverty 'history' in a stunning double play.

He has done so not by attacking them directly, easy enough as that would be to do. Like a relative asked to comment on kindergarten artwork, he's too polite to so embarrass British PM Tony Blair, who's embraced them both.

But by offering alternatives that would actually work. And especially in helping Africa work, immediately and dramatically.

That finger-clicking stunt of the various celebrities -- every three-second click, a child dies -- captures the contrast with exquisite inadvertence.

They want to embrace continued global finger-clicking as the policy solution. Bush in contrast has demanded the one thing that has worked for everyone else: trade and economic growth."

The thing I like about President Bush is that he doesn't attack his enemies or detractors, he instead of cursing the darkness, lights a candle. Sometimes called "too nice" by conservative media pundits, yet time and time again he provides solutions.

His critics attack and provide nothing in return. In days such as these, this is the kind of leader we need.