Chia Dreaming!

Senator Biden: Picking a judicial nominee who unites

Senator "Chia" Biden wants us to ponder the wonder of picking a "swinger" like Sandra Day O'Connor.

This seems to be the theme, or "pleading" from the left since the announcement of her retirement. "Come on...please pick someone like Sandy, pleeesse?"

Dream on....We didn't wait 40 years to choose another "flip-flop" Justice. Get ready to be greatly disappointed.

Oh....and about the Democratic's "Constitutional Dyslexia", which has taken on MAMMOUTH proportions of late:

"Over my 32 year career in the Senate with half of those years serving as chairman or ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee I have voted on 10 Supreme Court nominees, and while the issues under review have changed the terms of my review have not.

Put simply, the Founders intended the Senate to take the broadest view of its constitutional duty. The advice and consent clause, in fact, arose from a determination at the Constitutional Convention, which united north and south, small states and large, that the president not be permitted to amass too much power.

And the Senate has rightly not been shy in utilizing this authority. During our country's history about 20 percent of individuals nominated to the Supreme Court by the president were not permitted to take their seat. Indeed, for the Senate to simply rubber stamp a president's nominees would be to aid and abet in the erosion of its own constitutional responsibilities. "

Can you feel the "Chia" Bristle?

It really doesn't matter what Biden thinks anyway according to Powerlineblog.