Christopher Hitchens on the MSM ignoring the Weasel

Christopher Hitchens: Rove Rage
The poverty of our current scandal

Mr. Hitchens tells us about the complicity of the MSM in coverage of the Plame Game:

"First, the most exploded figure in the entire argument is Joseph Wilson. This is for three reasons. He claimed, in his own book, that his wife had nothing to do with his brief and inconclusive visit to Niger. "Valerie had nothing to do with the matter," he wrote. "She definitely had not proposed that I make the trip." There isn't enough wiggle room in those two definitive statements to make either of them congruent with a memo written by Valerie Wilson (or Valerie Plame, if you prefer) to a deputy chief in the CIA's directorate of operations. In this memo, in her wifely way, she announced that her husband would be ideal for the mission since he had "good relations with both the Prime Minister and the former Minister of Mines (of Niger), not to mention lots of French contacts." If you want to read the original, turn to the Senate committee's published report on the many "intelligence failures" that we have suffered recently. I want to return to those, too.

..."Thus, and to begin with, Joseph Wilson comes before us as a man whose word is effectively worthless. What do you do, if you work for the Bush administration, when a man of such quality is being lionized by an anti-war press? Well, you can fold your tent and let them print the legend. Or you can say that the word of a mediocre political malcontent who is at a loose end, and who is picking up side work from a wife who works at the anti-regime-change CIA, may not be as "objective" as it looks. I dare say that more than one supporter of regime change took this option. I would certainly have done so as a reporter if I had known."

The fact that the MSM in every account I've read completely ignores the truth of Joe Wilson's lies - more than documented and proven - shows that they cannot be trusted with this important story - which I have shown, in the end, will go farther than they wished, while giving them nothing of what they have labored so much to achieve. Yet whatever the outcome the MSM will never been trusted with the truth again.

Who knows, when this is all said and done if more than one reporter is breaking rocks on the Island. That would be something to see.